The recovery and recycling of paper, cardboard, plastic, metal and glass, as well as writing materials can benefit charitable organizations and reintegration programs. For instance, we support the TerraCycle® writing instruments Brigade program as well as the  Montreal Real Estate Foundation for Kids.

If all Édifice Jacques-Parizeau, Le MECO and Le Montreal Herald occupants make an effort by collecting recyclable and compostable materials, these materials will not end up in a landfill site.

Do you have any requests or questions about recycling, would you like to set up this initiative in your office, or would you like to install bins in your office space? Contact the Tenant Services Centre at 514 847‑2525 or 514 847‑2377 (CDPQ).

Collection stands

The same goes for the collection stands set up on each floor. You can place metal, glass, plastic (including no. 6) and compostable materials (food, paper towels, tissue paper) in the designated bins. They are clearly marked to make the process easier. Recycling bins are also found at Café Caisse and on the summer terraces.

Batteries, pens, mechanical pencils and markers

Collection at the coffee stands on each floor


Paper towels

Paper towels are collected in the bathrooms on each floor and the public bathrooms in Édifice Jacques-Parizeau for composting. For hygienic reasons, it is important to put only paper towels in the special bin.

Organic matter and compostable materials

Wood waste and compostable materials are to be placed in the clearly marked recycling bins at the coffee stands on each floor. Acceptable materials include: paper towels, napkins, food (including bones), paper cups without the cover, soiled paper plates, and soiled pizza boxes. Note that the paper cups, cardboard containers and plastic utensils from Café du Parquet are compostable.

Materials that are not accepted include: plastic film, wax paper, plastic, metal and glass.

End-of-life electronic and computer equipment

Accepted items: computer, keyboard, screen, mouse, television, video recorder, modem, server, amplifier, printer, fax machine, scanner, projector, remote control, charger, cable, cell phone, landline phone, rechargeable and non-rechargeable household batteries (no dry cells), sound system, household appliance, grill, microwave.

Items can be placed in the marked bins at the East and West docks. The bins are available during regular hours or by making a service call.

To find out about the fee for recycling certain items, call (514) 847‑2525 or (514) 847‑2377 (CDPQ).

Earth Day or Éco Événement are two times when there is a special collection of end-of-life electronic and computer equipment.


There is an Electrobac at Café Caisse near the microwave room where you can drop off your small end-of-life or non-functional electronics such as cell phones, chargers, cameras, MP3 readers, ink cartridges, peripherals, etc.

These products are handled safely and responsibly, with a guarantee to safeguard the privacy of the information in some of the recycled devices.