About Édifice Jacques‑Parizeau

A new name

In June 2016, the Centre CDP Capital was renamed Édifice Jacques-Parizeau, as a posthumous tribute to Mr. Jacques Parizeau for his exceptional contribution to the economy of Québec and the creation of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, the central offices of which are housed in the building.

The construction

In designing the complex, the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec has created a home in the heart of the city’s Quartier international for its entire Montréal staff, including employees from its real estate, equity investment, business financing and advisory subsidiaries. We invite you to discover this horizontal high-rise, uniquely innovative architecturally, technically and bio-climatically, as well as inspiring by virtue of an interior design that combines elegance, functionality and originality.

Édifice Jacques-Parizeau is pure state-of-the-art in terms of energy efficiency. It is an area that enjoyed special design considerations. For instance, the double skin wall optimizes the use of energy. The raised flooring allows for better circulation of the ambient air. The higher shade coefficient in the sintered glass used for the atrium in the Parquet area reduces the penetration of heat-generating rays. This helps regulate and maintain a consistent indoor temperature.

The materials have been selected on the basis of their ability to maximize the degree of translucence and natural light inside the building, a feature enjoyed by all the occupants.

The interior design can be summarized as efficient, flexible and dynamic. The materials used here radiate exceptional warmth and beauty.

The creation of Édifice Jacques-Parizeau at the very heart of Montréal’s Quartier international has helped bridge Old Montréal and Downtown Montréal. The district is experiencing a veritable revival, and is being universally acclaimed as innovatively modern. Linked to a network of underground shopping promenades that stretches 33 kilometers, it constitutes an ideal point from which to shuttle to and from the city’s business centres, including the Palais des congrès convention centre, the Hotel InterContinental Montreal and the World Trade Centre Montréal.

Major Structural Challenges

Building a bridge-like suspended construction that stretches over the Ville-Marie Expressway proved quite challenging. The inclusion of an immense glass window and several atria added to the structural complexity of the building. To overcome it, steel beams 30 meters wide and five meters high were used in the sections built directly above the expressway. Two braced towers were also constructed to provide seismic resistance in the event of an earthquake.

Arbitrage Room

The arbitrage room symbolizes the bustling activity of financial markets. It is here that traders carry out their stock transactions on behalf of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, it deserves a choice vantage point, hence, its bold architectural design. With a total surface area of nearly 560 square meters covering two floors, the 6th and 7th, the arbitrage room overhangs the Parquet area over a 15-meter stretch. Quite simply, it looks like a giant see-through cube suspended in midair.




Consortium Gauthier Daoust Lestage – Faucher Aubertin Brodeur Gauthier – Lemay et associés

Structural Engineers

Consortium Pasquin St-Jean – Saïa Deslauriers Kadanoff – Consultants S.M.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineers

Consortium Bouthillette Parizeau & Associés inc. – Dupras, Ledoux & Associés – HBA

General Contractor

Decarel – Verreault Coentreprise

Environmental certifications

LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a comprehensive North American set of standards designed for the rating of buildings based on their environmental attributes, including energy efficiency and air quality, water management and consumption, heating efficiency, use of locally-sourced materials and re-use of surplus materials.

  • Édifice Jacques-Parizeau
    is certified
    LEED Gold – Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance

BOMA BEST is the leading environmental certification program for existing buildings in Canada. The program provides a consistent framework for the ongoing assessment and improvement of six key areas of environmental performance and management: Energy performance and management – Water performance and management - Waste reduction – Pollutants management – Indoor environment and comfort improvement - Environmental management systems.

  • Édifice Jacques-Parizeau
    is certified
    BOMA BEST - Platinum
  • The MECO Building
    is certified
    BOMA BEST - Platinum
  • The Montreal Herald Building
    is certified
    BOMA BEST - Gold