The Parquet

The Parquet is an immense glass-walled atrium that crosses over St. Alexandre Street to horizontally connect the city blocks between Square Victoria and the Jean-Paul-Riopelle public square. It is simply an outstanding Montréal gathering place.

To learn more about The Parquet or to book the venue for a truly impressive experience, please contact our events coordinator:

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An atrium extension adjoining The Parquet provides space for creating a private lodge, a cocktail lounge or exhibit.

2 outdoor terraces

Adjoining The Parquet, two outdoor terraces is a competitive benefit among the venues in Montréal.


A vast and luminous glass-walled atrium that horizontally connects the city blocks between Victoria Square and the Jean-Paul-Riopelle public square.

The Parquet offers you so many options. The charm and grandeur of the setting, the convenience of being able to accommodate a large number of guests, the option of hosting an ecoresponsible event and the downtown location – accessible by foot, by metro via the pedestrian route or by car (parking in the Quartier international) – make it possible to plan large-scale events and more intimate gatherings alike.

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plan 1


with 42 tables

plan 2


with 42 tables

plan 3


with 42 tables

plan 4


with 29 tables

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with 35 tables

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with 35 tables





Competitive benefits

  • A wide range of layout possibilities to meet the requirements of both large-scale events or more intimate gatherings
  • A 420 guest capacity for banquet type events
  • An 800 guest capacity for cocktail receptions
  • Two outdoor terraces adjacent to The Parquet
  • An atrium extension adjoining The Parquet provides space for creating a private lodge or a cocktail lounge or exhibit
  • A broad selection of accredited caterers and audiovisual providers
  • The opportunity to host an event that meets your ecoresponsible goals
  • An ideal downtown location that is accessible by foot, by metro via the underground pedestrian link or by car, with parking in the Quartier international indoor parking garage linked to the building

Technical specifications

Measuring just over 250 feet long, The Parquet rises 125 feet high and is built on a 10,000-square-foot wood floor. The three-dimensional structure that supports the immense atrium and the roof allows for the highest level of natural light.

Available technical equipment

  • Sound system with iPod connectivity
  • Wi-Fi Internet access
  • Audio amplifiers
  • Wireless handheld or headset microphone
  • Portable touchscreen equipment controller
  • 250 amp electrical capacity
  • Numerous floor channels for audiovisual equipment cabling
  • Technical booths (8) suspended from the ceiling throughout the room, each independently adjustable in height

Staging equipment

Lighting systems at ceiling level and at the foot of the beams for creating the desired atmosphere

Technical booths

Plan and dimensions of the suspended technical booths

Eco-responsible events

Planning an event and would like it to be ecoresponsible? Ivanhoé Cambridge can help you achieve your objectives, whether in keeping with the BNQ's new standard respecting Sustainable Development - Responsible Event Management, or any other certification norm.

Our venue rentals are designed with everything you need to satisfy your requirements and those of your clients. We can also help ensure your events are BNQ certified in numerous areas, namely in terms of event location, waste management and suppliers who use sustainable practices, all of which will increase your chances of earning a high-level certification.

To learn more about planning and hosting ecoresponsible events, please visit the Conseil québécois des événements écoresponsables online at:

BNQ requirement

  • BNQ requirement 5.2.3 Give preference to local suppliers

    Édifice Jacques-Parizeau Parquet is operated by the Ivanhoé Cambridge management team, which is headquartered in the building, invariably rendering the venue a local supplier.

  • BNQ requirement 5.2.5 Give preference to suppliers committed to sustainability

    Ivanhoé Cambridge and Édifice Jacques-Parizeau management team constitute suppliers that are wholly invested in the environment and sustainability. This is clearly reflected in Ivanhoé Cambridge’s environmental management policy, and their Level 4 BOMA BESt certification (the highest in its class), along with Édifice Jacques-Parizeau’s LEED Gold certification for existing buildings.

  • BNQ requirement 5.2.6 Give preference to socially active suppliers

    Édifice Jacques-Parizeau Parquet qualifies as a community minded supplier. Many of our own suppliers are non-profits. Also, Ivanhoé Cambridge, which owns and manages Édifice Jacques-Parizeau, has a sound training and pay equity program that is well documented.

  • BNQ requirement 5.3.3 Give preference to reducing, reusing and recycling audiovisual equipment

    Although the equipment used during events sometimes belongs to other suppliers, the Parquet is designed with several types of reusable lighting and connection equipment, both permanently installed and portable.

  • BNQ requirement 5.3.4 Implement energy saving measures

    Édifice Jacques-Parizeau received the Recommissioning award in 2008 from the AQME Québec association for power management. The award recognizes the building’s review of its electromechanical systems in an effort to reduce energy waste. There are numerous other projects and equipment that constitute model examples of Édifice Jacques-Parizeau’s proactive approach to energy management, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss these with you during the planning of your eco-responsible event.

  • BNQ requirement 5.3.4 Implementing water saving measures

    The faucetry and plumbing fixtures in the washrooms of Édifice Jacques-Parizeau, e.g. toilets, urinals and sinks, are equipped with low-flow and anti-splash water saving features as well as motion detectors. These comply with the water use requirements of the Green Building Councils of both the U.S. (USGBC) and Canada (CaGBC).

  • BNQ requirement 5.3.5Give preference to sustainable energy sources

    All our buildings are powered by hydroelectricity.

  • BNQ requirement 5.4.3 Provide comprehensive waste management facilities

    You will have access to the equipment and facilities required to recycle a wide range of materials (paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and aluminum).

  • BNQ requirement 5.4.2 Avoid wasting food and donate overages to charitable organizations

    We donate food overages to several charitable organizations located near our properties, e.g. Accueil Bonneau and Mission Old Brewery.

  • BNQ requirement 5.4.3 Reduce the use of hazardous materials and dispose of these appropriately

    Our waste management system covers several hazardous substances and materials: paint, batteries, fluorescent tubes and other lighting equipment.

  • BNQ requirement 5.4.3 Characterize the waste generated during events and publish the data in a report

    We provide a recycling system for a variety of waste and can help you characterize the waste resulting from your event by providing you with the appropriate areas.

  • BNQ requirement 5.6.3 Encourage sustainable commuting

    The Parquet is located less than a 5 minute walk from a metro station, bus stop and train station. Our indoor parking is equipped with facilities for cyclists (bike racks, showers and locker rooms).

  • BNQ requirement 4.1 et 5.3.3 Raise awareness about sustainability and communicate its importance

    We already have several tools in place aimed at raising awareness about green practices, and we can help raise participant awareness during your event.

Accredited caterers

Certain caterers have been accredited by the building’s management and have agreed in writing to comply with the building’s policies.

Caterer accreditations are for the purposes of ensuring control over the quality of the food, managing the quality of the facilities surrounding an event, and providing better safety provisions for said caterers. Basically, it is a process that gives you peace of mind as to caterer selection and the level of their professionalism.

Accredited audiovisual suppliers

Certain suppliers have been accredited by the building’s management and have agreed in writing to comply with the building’s policies.

Supplier accreditations are for the purposes of ensuring the quality of the facilities surrounding an event is properly managed, and providing better safety provisions for said suppliers. Basically, it is a process that gives you peace of mind as to supplier selection and the level of their professionalism.