Office leasing opportunities

Édifice Jacques-Parizeau enjoys a certain status that, by extension, tenants have been able to capitalize on. It is a privilege that comes with choosing to establish one’s office in this highly unique business complex. Decision-makers who call Édifice Jacques-Parizeau home firmly believe that a strategic location for their company deserves special attention and that the bustle of the city’s Quartier international can help grow their business.

Le Méco

415, Saint-Antoine West
Montréal, QC
H2Z 1H8

Located at the heart of the Quartier international de Montréal, steps from the city's business core and Palais des congrès, as well as Old Montréal, the Méco building couldn't enjoy a better location.

And its proximity to Édifice Jacques‑Parizeau and vast pedestrian network constitutes yet another immense advantage.

The building's strategic location invariably adds to the prestige and quality of the relationships tenant firms are able to nurture with clients, suppliers and business partners alike. As for the building's occupants, they have the advantage of working near the gamut of services available in Downtown Montréal.

The Art Deco inspired design imbues the building with elegant charm. Its appearance adds distinction to the city's International District.

The large windows radiate light throughout the building and add sparkle to the quality of life of the occupants.

The Méco building is ideal for business people looking to grow their companies in a truly bustling environment.

Montreal Herald

455, Saint-Antoine West
Montréal, QC
H2Z 1H8

The architecture of the Montreal Herald building is a testament to elegance at the heart of the Quartier international de Montréal.

Straddling Old Montréal, the city's business core and Palais des congrès, the Quartier international de Montréal boasts a modern, prestigious and exclusive urban setting from which to experience an exeptional lifestyle right in the Downtown area.

The turn of the XXth century Montreal Herald building is a perfect fit, lending the International District an air of distinction. The sheer beauty of the building renders it a pleasure to spend time in. All of its original richness has been preserved and restored.

Recent renovations and its proximity to Édifice Jacques-Parizeau make it a natural choice for members of the business class looking for comfort and exposure wrapped up in a dynamic environment.

Firms eager to grow their business and expand their reputation need look no further than the Montreal Herald building.